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Shades of White


White, cream, ivory, blush, champagne…Which shade of white should you choose for your wedding dress? Let your season be your guide. Color analysis is all about your natural coloring (hair, skin, and eyes), and how that combination complements or contrasts with the things you choose to wear; your clothes, accessories, jewelry and makeup. Are you warm or cool? Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn? A personal color analysis will tell you which season you are and which colors will enhance your natural features and make you look healthy, vibrant and your eyes sparkle!

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Color matters!


Color analysis is the process of determining your natural color tone so that all clothing, makeup, hair, and jewelry colors placed near your face will be in harmony with this tone.  When the colors all harmonize, you will look radiant, healthy and vibrant!

A personal color analysis can save you thousands of dollars and enable wise wardrobe investments. Once you have a personal color analysis you will know exactly which colors will look great on you! 
Men benefit from knowing which colors they look best in.  Wearing a white shirt everyday is not only boring, it may make you look tired and ill. The right colors will make you look healthy, alert and sharp.

Purchasing jewelry is an investment – it should look great against your skin.  For people who have skin tones that are clearly warm or clearly cool, getting your jewelry tones right can make a significant difference.  Those with warm-toned skin should wear yellow gold, ivory pearls & copper colors, while cool-toned people should wear silver, white gold, platinum, white or pink pearls, etc.  Those with neutral skin tones are lucky enough to look great in everything! 
Since jewelry lies against your skin and often near your face, it can make you look radiant if it is in the right tones and drain you of color if in the wrong tones. 
The same is true for eyeglasses, whether prescription or sunglasses.  When someone looks at you, you want him or her to see you looking your best, not your glasses.
A personal color analysis will tell you exactly which tones to wear and which ones to stay away from.  How many times have you tried on several pairs of glasses trying to guess what looks good?  It is essential to get the colors right because they are on your face.  For example, warm-toned people will look great in tortoise-shell or yellow gold, cool-toned individuals will look better in black or silver.  A personal color analysis consultation will make this so much easier for you! 

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