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Look Great While You Are Losing Weight!

At Colours for Natural Living I work with clients to create custom color wardrobe palettes for business and casual wear. The way we dress is closely tied to how we feel inside, particularly when our bodies are changing as a result of weight loss or increased fitness levels. When people are losing weight, there’s often a fear that they’re going to return to the size they were so they hold on to their old clothes. This is the perfect time to start cleaning out your closet and getting rid of what no longer fits. It will help you see that you’re moving forward towards your goals and make room for new purchases.

If you are still working towards your goal weight, dress the body you have now. Buy fill in pieces that fit well and make you feel comfortable, strong and confident. Shopping for an in-progress body can be challenging, but need not be expensive. Visit local consignment stores or shop outlet malls to find in-between items and consign some of the higher-quality clothes you’ve just cleared from your closet. Buy pieces that project your new image and speak to your emerging sense of style and confidence, rather than settling for purely functional items.

When you have reached your goal and are ready to create your new image and wardrobe forget about the numbers. Each store has a different size chart, a size 0 at one store could be a size 14 or 16 at another. What is most important is how it fits you and if it is the color and best style for your body shape. A proper fit will always give you the best results, invest in good quality basics.

I believe in enhancing your natural beauty and features through wearing the colors that best compliment your skin tone. It makes you look vibrant and healthy and everything will harmonize. It is easy to create a wardrobe capsule of 5-12 pieces in your best colors. Purchase pants, a skirt, jackets and blouses in solid colors that you can mix and match. If you love prints add in those items that will work with all of the solid colors. Accessorize with scarves and jewelry, or ties for men.

Both Dress for Success San Diego and Second Chance San Diego would welcome donations of gently used men and women’s clothing. Please contact me for more information on donating or consigning, 619-254-6807.

Brenda J. Harrison, Image & Wardrobe Consultant


Purse Suits for Success-Transforming lives!


Many thanks to all of you who generously donated clothing and accessories for the recent donation apparel drive to benefit Dress for Success San Diego. Also thanks and appreciation  to those of you donated your time and helped make the event fun filled and rewarding.  The event was held August 31st at the beautiful Marina Village Conference Center in Mission Bay. We had 24 vendors, there was networking, shopping, opportunity drawings and people stopping by to donate clothing and enjoy a cup of delicious Point Loma Tea.  I am very proud to say the goal of 100 suits was realized and in fact exceeded! These are the items that were donated as a result of the event:

104 professional suits
307 pieces of workplace attire
23 pairs of shoes
16 fabulous handbags

Many of you asked, “When is the next one?” Next spring! However, for those of you who were unable to attend our fall event and wish to donate, I am still accepting donations on behalf of Dress for Success San Diego. Give me a call at Colours for Natural Living and we will arrange a day and time, 619-254-6807.
Great job everyone!


Hate shopping? I can help.

Grey Suit

People judge an individual based on how they look within 35 seconds of meeting them. How can you afford not to look your best? In today’s workplace, whether professional suits or business casual are the norm, men can no longer get away with wearing the same old outfits to work. Brenda is an expert at determining the colors that will make you look healthy, vibrant and professional.

For those of you who hate to shop, Brenda can assist you with personal shopping or refer you to a trusted colleague for custom shirts and suits. The photo above was a shirt, suit and tie that Brenda selected for a client who hates to shop and was applying for a promotion. He looked polished, professional and got the job!

For more information on a color consultation, wardrobe coordination or personal shopping call 619-254-6807

Double your closet space, quickly and easily!


It’s quick, easy and costs nothing- just de-clutter!

Spring and fall cleanings are great motivators, but any time is a good time to de-clutter your closets. Eighty percent of people wear only twenty percent of the clothes they own because they no longer fit, don’t look “just right” or are in need of repair. Why hang onto items that you no longer wear just in case for some day? It can be hard to let go of items that have sentimental value or that you paid a lot of money for but when space is limited, every inch counts.

Ask yourself the following about every item in your closet: Do I love it? Do I wear it? Is it comfortable? And most importantly, does it project the image I want and is it the right color for me to wear? Make space for new items that you will enjoy wearing.

I advise clients to take out everything, clean the shelves and assess the space. If it is possible install double hang rods. There is a wide range of closet systems and options available for every price point. Next we would “weed out” colors not in the client’s seasonal color palette and organize the rest by color and/or type. When your clothes are organized neatly it saves you time getting dressed in the morning

Donating items you no longer wear can greatly benefit those in need. Colours for Natural Living is proud to sponsor an upcoming donation drive for interview appropriate business suits for the San Diego Chapter of  Dress For Success. Details to follow!
For causal clothes there are several places you may donate them to, if you need assistance with this please call me for more information, 619-254-6807.

When you open your closet every morning and it contains clothes you love and love to wear you will experience joy and confidence that you look your best!

Hello Spring!


Spring’s color palette is light and bright, crisp and clear with gold undertones. Think of daffodils…Spring women fall into these categories;True Spring, Bright, Light and Warm. Knowing which of these you fall into will help you make wise shopping choices for clothing, jewelry, accessories and makeup. A personal color consultation will quickly tell you if you are cool or warm and which of the seasons you fall into.

Spring’s image is one of ageless and delicate radiance. Many springs are blonde when they are children but their hair can darken with age. Yellow undertones are the best colors for spring women to wear. The stores are full of bright colors right now, shopping with a swatch wallet can save you time and money as you focus only on the colors that will best compliment your skin tone. Spring’s best makeup choices are also light and warm tones of peach, salmon and coral. Spring women should avoid black mascara and wearing black as the color is too heavy for them.

Call to set up a personal color analysis, Colours for Natural Living 619-254-6807,

Ask about our home parties and hostess specials!

Color matters!


Color analysis is the process of determining your natural color tone so that all clothing, makeup, hair, and jewelry colors placed near your face will be in harmony with this tone.  When the colors all harmonize, you will look radiant, healthy and vibrant!

A personal color analysis can save you thousands of dollars and enable wise wardrobe investments. Once you have a personal color analysis you will know exactly which colors will look great on you! 
Men benefit from knowing which colors they look best in.  Wearing a white shirt everyday is not only boring, it may make you look tired and ill. The right colors will make you look healthy, alert and sharp.

Purchasing jewelry is an investment – it should look great against your skin.  For people who have skin tones that are clearly warm or clearly cool, getting your jewelry tones right can make a significant difference.  Those with warm-toned skin should wear yellow gold, ivory pearls & copper colors, while cool-toned people should wear silver, white gold, platinum, white or pink pearls, etc.  Those with neutral skin tones are lucky enough to look great in everything! 
Since jewelry lies against your skin and often near your face, it can make you look radiant if it is in the right tones and drain you of color if in the wrong tones. 
The same is true for eyeglasses, whether prescription or sunglasses.  When someone looks at you, you want him or her to see you looking your best, not your glasses.
A personal color analysis will tell you exactly which tones to wear and which ones to stay away from.  How many times have you tried on several pairs of glasses trying to guess what looks good?  It is essential to get the colors right because they are on your face.  For example, warm-toned people will look great in tortoise-shell or yellow gold, cool-toned individuals will look better in black or silver.  A personal color analysis consultation will make this so much easier for you! 

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