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To Dye or Not To Dye?


As I sat in the back row of a seminar recently I noticed how many of the women attending dyed their hair. This was apparent by the visible dark roots and streaky highlights and made me think of the current trend of having dark roots showing.
We are all born with our own color palette of skin tone, eye and hair color and as we age our hair coloring changes. Some women go gray early in life and have striking silver hair, others opt to dye their hair to hide the gray. The color you choose to dye your hair is just as important as the color of the clothing you wear. Winter and Summer women should never add warm highlights and Spring and Autumn women should never add cool colors. To achieve the most natural look it’s best to stick to your seasonal palette and go only two shades darker or lighter than your own natural hair color. If you want to add some contrast color for fun, keep it within your seasonal palette ie: cool burgundy highlights with jet black hair. When you wear the right color makeup and clothing with your natural hair color you will look healthy, vibrant and enhance your natural beauty!